There is no perfect alignment

I admit: I teach what I need.

Here’s what I don’t need: the splits, headstands, to chase “perfect” alignment (there is no such thing), yet another vinyasa (my goodness, I must have done 100,000 over my life).

I need strength.
I need new variety of muscular challenge.
I need to practice getting on and off the floor with my hands.

I need evidence-based movements that stave off ailments common to my demographic (and nearly everyone’s) like osteopenia, hip arthritis, and good old generalized stiffness.
I need mindfulness and meditation to enhance life, not to escape it.

That’s why, although “flowing” and grounded in centering and ending in meditation/savasana, you’ll find few movements that look like classical yoga poses or vinyasa in my new classes.

Lest you wonder if the shift in my teaching over the years is a repudiation of yoga, it is not.

New moves, older yoga

In fact, it is a more coherent embrace of yoga than before. Evidence of yoga postures prior to 1900 is scant, resembling nothing like what we see today.

But the modern format of combining movement and mindfulness has changed lives, without doubt. Combining a functional philosophy of yoga (old texts) with an evidence-based mindful movement in a somato-sensory experience? That is gold.

And that is exactly what I do with my online teaching.

So, I hope you’ll consider joining my On Demand Library (livestream weekly classes ended September 2022).

The classes are strength-based, yoga-based, science-backed movement.

Classes Include: Core Strength; Mobility, Fascia + Function; Hips Happy Hour (Glutes and Posterior chain)

Minimal props are needed, and plenty of modifications are offered, and if you need something different, you have a direct line of communication with me to ask for it.

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Originally published- 04/13/2021

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