Why the name "Wellilo"?

[ well-ee-lo ]

About Our Name

Wellilo is named after Lilo Foster, the grandmother of Wellilo founder, Ariele.
Lilo lived an extraordinary life. She was always active, quick to laugh, and dedicated to healthy eating, and living and the principles of yoga.

She was Jewish and a Holocaust survivor born in Berlin. She lost most of her family in World War II. Despite all of the suffering she experienced, Lilo bubbled with joy and mischief and a true love for teaching.

Lilo taught yoga in and around Rappahannock County Virginia until her late 80s, and was beloved by her students, family, and friends.

She was profiled in the Northern Virginia Daily newspaper in 2009, profiled again in 2012 by the Rappahannock Daily News, and given the honor of Rappahannock County Citizen of the Year in 2012

Lilo passed away in 2021 at the age of 94. Her story can be found in the Shoah Foundation archives and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.