We take infectious disease seriously

In order to better protect our patients and clients, all staff at Wellilo are up to date with standard vaccinations, as well as Covid-19 boosters.
In addition to staying current on vaccinations, staff may wear surgical masks or respirators during in person patient care. Generally speaking, we follow local hospital network guidelines for practitioner masking, which are subject to change.

In some cases, such as when higher risk patients are on our schedule or during holiday and travel seasons, we may be more conservative than local hospitals regarding mask wearing in order to assure as little transmission of respiratory disease as possible.

Our clinic uses standard hospital infectious disease precautions, including hospital-grade disinfectant between patients on contact surfaces, effective hand sanitizer, disposable gloves when appropriate and regular hand washing.

Patients and clients are welcome to follow their own preferences at this time and optional disposable surgical masks are available in our waiting room or upon request.

High risk clients, and anyone who would prefer to limit exposure as much as possible are encouraged to try our telehealth and video services.