Why I'm Obsessed with Helping People Get Out of Hip Pain

Once upon a time I suffered a severely torn labrum, femoroacetabular impingement and so much confusion about what went wrong.

Nine years ago I was in daily pain from a badly torn hip labrum.

Physical therapy helped me so much (as a patient), as did ditching my road bike, skipping fast-paced yoga classes, and letting go of the concept that I had to be constantly stretching what felt like tight hip flexors. But ultimately I needed a surgery (a labral repair with bone shaving).

(Related note: Sometimes surgery is the answer.)

They say hindsight is 20/20. Since then, I have certainly reflected on the conditions that led to me having a deteriorated hip, or hips in my mid-30s.

More importantly
, in the last decade I have helped many yoga practitioners with similar hip pain (or the precursors to it) get better. And after reading published literature month after month, year after year on hip dysfunction, I have a lot to say about hips, pain, yoga and more.

Hip Stability is the New Hip Opening 

I led a free webinar on this topic: Hip Stability is the New Hip Opening. And you can access the replay here.  (You can watch a snippet of a previous version of this webinar on my YouTube channel). 

If you, too, have chronic hip tightness, pain, discomfort in yoga poses that formerly offered relief, I hope you will not only show up live for the webinar, but also consider joining my live series that starts this Monday Feb. 19th at 7:30pm ET.

Hip Therapeutics Small Group Series

Hip Therapeutics Small Group Series is a 4 part live and on demand program limited to max 15 students. We will meet each Monday for 4 weeks to:

Assess your tightness / Pain or challenges

Review the literature to understand what factors might hurt or help

Make the needed changes

Fortify the heck out of our hips

…so you can get back to doing what you love.

Between sessions, you’ll watch 1 or 2 modules of the pre-recorded course I made with Yoga Journal in 2020, Yoga for 3D Hip Stability for more foundational learning. The live classes will be interactive and targeted to the needs of the folks present.

As you can imagine, this topic is hugely important to me, and I am proud and excited to help more people on their journey out of pain or tightness.

I hope to see you in the series. It is limited in size so I am only posting this here because there are very few spots left. Here is the link again to the program: https://my.yogaanatomyacademy....

As always, if you need one on one care for hips or otherwise, you can hop on my schedule at the booking site for in person or video sessions: https://wellilo.janeapp.com

And finally, if you are reading this well after the series started, but might be interested in a future live version of this series, I have a wait list going, and I always offer up deep discounts to folks who previously enrolled in Yoga for 3D Hip Stability

To your health,

This blog post was originally published on February 17, 2024. 

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